We advice all players to download the "Min Håndball" App and add their team to the app. This will make it easy to keep track on your own matches and the status of your competitors. You may download the Min Håndball guide here.

Express league (initial stage)

Express league matches: 1 x 7 minutes

Express league 1

Raballder Reds
Raballder Whites
Team Hungary
Team München

Express league 2

Copenhagen boys
Raballder Oslo Blues
Raballder Oslo Oranges
Team Gold Boys
Vorspiel Berlin

Top four in each express league qualify to competitive level. Bottom three proceed to recreational level. After the express league, all matches are 2 x 12 minutes.

The matches are published and will be updated on the Norwegian Handball Federation website. Only available in Norwegian.

You may also download the full match schedule.


The championship is played in the following format:

  • First phase: Express League
    The teams are divided in two groups of 7 teams who play each other in two leagues in short, 7 minute matches.
  • Second phase: Group stage
    The results from the express league give a ranking, where the four top teams from each league proceed to competitive level which will be played in 2 groups of 4 teams. The three lower ranked teams in each express league will proceed to recreational level where they will all play each other in a group of 6 teams. Group stage matches has two halves of 12 minutes.
  • Third phase: Knock-out
    The results from the group stage will decide who plays each other in the knock-out stage. On recreational level, the teams proceed directly to placement matches. On competitive level, the teams proceed to quarter finals, semi finals and then finals/placement matches. These matches have two halves of 12 minutes.

We will end up with 2 finals: One for the lower ranked teams (B-final), and one for the highest ranked teams (A-final).