What does the registration include?

We are determined to make the stay in Oslo affordable for everyone. Hence, we will just have a small registration fee for each team, and will let all international players register for free.

Even if we make sure to keep your costs down, we will not let this be on the expense of your Oslo experience. If registered as a player, all the following will be included:

  • Handball participation
  • Lunch on both days of the competition
  • Barbecue on Friday 24th June
  • Professional referees
  • Awards
  • Entrance to Pride Park
  • Offer of free, private accommodation (for the first ones to apply)

Team registration

  • Deadline for team registration: April 30th
  • Deadline for submitting list of players: May 31st

A team organizer / captain registers the team by clicking on the link below and submitting the requested information.

You have to pay the team registration fee of 100 € by May 15th. Information on this on our payment details page

The team organizer / captain must provide a list of all players by May 31st. Players who are registered after this will not have the non-sportive offers of the tournament (food, etc). Each team can have a maximum of 15 players.

Register as a Team

Individual Player Registration

  • Deadline for registration of individual players: May 31st

Players who are already part of a team must be registered by their team organizers / captains. See more info under Team registration.

Players who are not already part of a team can register as individual players within May 31st by clicking on the link below and submitting the requested information. We will assemble or designate a team for the individual players.

Player registration is free for international players. For players from the Oslo region, there is a registration fee of 500 NOK.

Register as a Player

Apply for private accommodation

If you want to apply for free, private accommodation, the deadline is April 30th. More about this under Accommodation.