Hotels and hostels

The cost of hotel rooms in Oslo is not very expensive compared to other major cities. There is a big variety of hotels and hostels in downtown Oslo, where most of the events during the LGBT Euro Handball Championship will be held. We will supply a list of recommended hotels in different price categories.

Like most other places, Oslo now also has a big amount of rooms and apartments available on Airbnb.

Private accommodation

As an offer to make the trip as low-cost as possible for those who travel on a budget, we will also strive to offer as many beds as possible in private housing.

If you apply for this option, you might be offered to sleep over in the house of one of the Raballder Handball players, or with someone related to the club who voluntarily offers a place to sleep. In some cases, this could mean an extra bedroom, and in others, you might get the offer of sleeping on a sofa or on a mattress.

As we do not know how many will apply for this option, we do not know if we are able to meet the demand. Due to this, we will prioritize the first ones to apply.

If you are an individual player and want to apply for private accommodation, write this in the comment section on your player registration. If you are already part of a team, ask your team organizer / captain to inform about this when he supplies the list of all the team’s players. We will connect you with the one who offers you a bed, so you may be in touch before you arrive. If you have aready made an appointment with one of the Raballder players that you will stay there, we still ask you to register this with us.